Men’s Clothing Line, Prolific 54 Apparel, Launches Eco-Friendly, Humanitarian and Fair Trade Clothing Boutique

San Francisco, CA – (September 26, 2011) – , an online men’s line that provides fashion-forward clothes and accessories, celebrated their official launch of on September 24, 2011. Prolific 54 Apparel’s product offering features high quality and sophisticated outerwear, shirts, pants and accessories that are low in prices despite the fact that they are only produced in limited quantities. All pieces are manufactured with social responsibility in mind, practicing fair trade and ethical standards.

“We want men to be able to have easy, affordable clothing that doesn’t compromise quality nor social responsibility,” explains founder, John Wang. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to produce high quality clothing at low prices while still obtaining exclusive looks. This means that we manufacture our designs with only a limited amount of materials and when they run out, chances are the product is never produced again.”

Prolific 54 Apparel is the brainchild of four friends from the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted to produce what they felt was lacking in the market. All pieces from the collection are manufactured with social responsibility in mind. The clothes and accessories are produced in accordance to fair trade laws, non-sweatshop factories, dye inspections and ethical business practices.

“Prolific 54 Apparel has a sophisticated, comfortable design aesthetic and every man can find something that he can wear in a variety of settings from day to night” explains Wang. “For months our team traveled throughout the world trying to find areas we knew produced quality materials at exceptional prices. In some cities, we knew exactly who to contact while in others, we literally went door to door in order to find the perfect fits for certain pieces that matched our vision of the line while being ethically produced.” 

Prolific 54 Apparel’s store is available to shop now at


Prolific 54 Apparel offers high quality and ethical men’s fashion in sophisticated urban designs for the fashion-minded individual. Their mission is to produce high quality yet affordable fashion in limited runs, thereby obtaining exclusive looks with distinctive products.

Prolific 54 Apparel was founded by friends John Wang, Jonathan Tam, Alvin Chan and Nick Pham, all with a common and unparalleled passion for design and fashion. They have traveled around the world together searching for quality and affordable materials to design pieces that they felt were lacking in the market. Inspired by versatile fashion-forward design aesthetics, they realized they had a clear opportunity to bring quality clothing at affordable prices to the market in a socially responsible way.